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Wisconsin’s Largest Community Solar Energy Program Takes Shape

Say hello to Solar -- for everyone!

By: | March 15, 2016 4:16 pm

Not long ago, early adopters of solar energy had to be highly involved. It was hard. They had to rig up solar panels to their roof, connect wires and inverters to their power supply and fix any mishaps along the way. And just like their sidewalks or driveways, they had to brush the snow off the panels in the winter.

That was then

Today, residential and business customers of Xcel Energy in Wisconsin have a new solar option. The Community Solar Garden known as Xcel Energy Solar*Connect CommunitySM program .  This is a utility-grade solar resource program that offers local solar electric energy for residents and busineses.

Why a garden?

The idea is somewhat like a park, a shared resource where many can partake. And this works especially well for residential subscribers, because up to 75 percent of residents in Wisconsin  just can’t accommodate a rooftop solar system. The garden approach makes it accessible to all Wisconsin electric customers within the Xcel Energy service territory.

Pick your level of involvement

“The program is easy and flexible and lets customers choose their own subscription level and receive a monthly credit based on the solar energy production, comments Mark Stoering, president of Xcel Energy company Northern States Power Company – Wisconsin. “This is a great way for customers to support solar without having to install it.”

Power Hours are already bringing local, early adopters together

Wisconsin Solar

Question & Answer session at a recent Solar Power Hour in Menomonie, Wis.

Working with outreach partner Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Xcel Energy has established a series of Solar Power HourSM presentations to help the public better understand the basics and benefits of the Xcel Energy Solar*Connect Community program. Solar Power Hour events are free and open to the public.  These sessions also allow Xcel Energy customers to estimate how much solar would be best for their situation. Also the investment and pay-back bill credit are covered in great detail.

Learn more, about the Xcel Energy Solar*Connect Community program


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