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Take advantage of lighting rebates and start saving today

By: | December 15, 2016 8:16 am

Lighting technology has changed rapidly and is more efficient than ever. If you’ve thought about a lighting upgrade for your business but haven’t made the switch yet, here are some easy ways to get started.

Replace inefficient traditional bulbs with LEDs. LEDs, especially ENERGY STAR®-qualified products, typically use 75 to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than the traditional incandescent bulbs they replace.1 They’ll help your business rack up energy savings and can reduce replacement costs too. Plus, you can get an immediate discount with our instant rebates, which are available on ENERGY STAR-qualified, screw-in LED bulbs and LED retrofit fixture screw-in downlights when you purchase them from one of our participating distributors.

Replace fluorescent tube lighting with LED tubes. LED tubes have been gaining popularity, and considered by many to be a low cost way to upgrade to solid state lighting and reap the benefits LEDs can provide:

  • Mercury Free – making them safe for the environment.
  • Dimmable – whereas fluorescents don’t dim well and are expensive to retrofit.
  • Directional – provides illumination exactly where you need it. Fluorescents have multi-directional light, which means some light is lost in the fixture and other unnecessary places.
  • Compatible with controls –LEDs work perfectly with control systems, since their lifespan is not affected by turning them on/off. Fluorescent lights tend to burn out faster when integrated with occupancy sensors and other controls.
  • A higher quality of light ­– today’s LEDs produce light in a variety of color temperatures similar to fluorescent, but don’t have any flickering issues that can happen with fluorescent.

Once you get your feet wet with energy savings, we know you might want more. No worries there. We offer a wide range of LED rebates that can help you upgrade interior, exterior and parking garage spaces at a lower cost. Contact an energy efficiency specialist or your account manager for advice on what lighting upgrades would work best for your facility.

We’re planning on adding more LED rebates in 2017, so be sure to visit to see what’s new and view our full line of lighting rebates.