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Retrofit Uses Cutting Edge Energy Efficiencies

How Mile Hi Received $426,000 in Rebates

By: | January 6, 2015 12:14 pm

McDonalds, Red Robin and Wendy’s require millions of hamburger buns each month to satisfy their customers. And for years Mile Hi Bakery in Denver, Colorado has been answering this demand with their high-speed capability. But when this regional bakery reached operating capacity, a new bakery facility was required to sustain operations and accommodate future growth. And new cutting edge energy efficiencies were explored.

Big energy efficiencies with big objectives

By leveraging the Energy Design Assistance (EDA) program from Xcel Energy, Mile Hi was able to use an analysis of the entire structure of the building. This process mapped out goals to maximize energy savings that were cost effective for the short- and long-term.

The Result?

A complete building make-over was created that included a wide range of cutting-edge solutions. These included skylights, heat recovery, an ammonia-based refrigeration system, new roofing materials and more — all of which helped contribute to a first-ever LEED gold certification for a bakery. Plus Mile Hi Bakery enjoyed $426,000 in rebates along with annual energy cost savings of $348,000.

Get a fact sheet on Energy Design Assistance  here.

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