Wind Energy Infographic

In 2012, Windsource® sold its 1 billionth kilowatt-hour of wind energy in Minnesota. What can a billion kWh of clean, renewable energy do? Learn more below!

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2 Responses to Wind Energy Infographic

  • Donna Keil
    June 4, 2013

    I don’t see ANY graphics of the number of birds (especially PROTECTED birds) on your website. I used to be an avid supporter of wind energy, until I saw what it looks like to drive by a wind “farm” (since we actually farm, not a good name). The number of birds killed by this type of – f…….. ugly “energy” is too much to justify. Of course, in the name of “green” science anyone with his/her head firmly planted in his/her a.., can justify anything, can’t they?

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