Home Energy Audit. Enough Said!

iStock_000009371087XSmallRecently, my co-worker, Elizabeth, has been lamenting on the tummy troubles attacking her toddler. We’ve diagnosed the assault “pukenado.” Just as Sharknado has wreaked havoc on Los Angeles and serious TV programming, the pukenado has left a path of destruction (amongst other things) in this toddler’s wake.

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but this isn’t an official medical diagnosis. We leave the diagnostics to the professionals. When our children are sick, we take them to the doctor. When our cars break down, we go to a mechanic. So why do we try to diagnose our homes’ problems when most of us have no clue about home construction? A certified home energy auditor is like a doctor for your home.

Say “Ahhhh”

A Home Energy Audit is the first step in making your home more efficient, comfortable and healthy. If your home is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, drafty or damp, or if you suffer from high energy bills, you should get an audit. Just like our bodies, houses are complex and may require comprehensive solutions to concerns. A Home Energy Audit is like a doctor’s checkup for your house.

Certified auditors utilize various tests and tools to produce a detailed diagnosis and a detailed prescription to create a more efficient and healthy home. A visual inspection of your home can spot leaky doors and windows, and low insulation levels. Equipment such as blower door diagnostic tools measure the extent of air leaks from inside your home. And infrared cameras (like x-ray machines) can provide a better idea of what’s happening behind your drywall and areas that can’t be seen.

The Doctor is in the House

To take this analogy a bit further, an energy auditor is like your family doctor—he or she will look at your home in a holistic fashion, and not like a “single-solution” contractor. Because houses are complex; sometimes a necessary improvement can cause issues somewhere else in your home. For example, insulating and sealing leaks in the attic may cause humidity buildup in another part of the house.

Just as you need to follow a doctor’s advice to get healthier, so you need to implement audit recommendations to see savings. Xcel Energy has rebates and programs to help cover the cost of some improvements.

Check out our Home Energy Audit program for more information and a list of auditors in your area.

By Connector, Mary LaLone.