Peregrine Falcons Video: The Comeback Story Continues

In the Peregrine Falcon Video, Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant employees climb to inspect a tower and help band the chicks.  Did you know Peregrine comes from peregrin, meani...

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Video: Why Xcel Energy is Committed to Hiring Veterans

Honoring those who serve our country is a good thing. And as Americans, recognizing sacrifice is part of our national fabric. We owe our servicemen and servicewomen a debt of gra...

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Don’t Let Your Business Buy In to these Summertime Energy Efficiency Myths

It’s hot outside, and extreme temperatures can often mean extreme energy usage by your business. To keep your customers and employees comfortable and your products and equipment...

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Recognize the Common Signs of an Aging Air Conditioner

  Listen, look and feel. If your central AC is pushing 12 years or more of service, you should be aware of the tell-tale signs of aging. While 12 may not seem old, (even in dog years) you should realize that you could be paying too much in cooli...

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Considering Your Clean Energy Choices

We are used to having choices, just walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery store. There are dozens of options, beginning with the sugary, colorful varieties and ending with the less-enticing fibrous stuff…cereal for all tastes and preferences. Whe...

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For Natural Gas Safety, Our Journey is The Destination

As the famous book title and popular notion goes, The Journey is the Destination – meaning the pursuit is the most worthy state of being. With over over 33,000 miles of natural gas distribution lines serving 1.8 million residential and business...

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Get the Most Out of the New LED Instant Rebates

The new program for LED Instant Rebates, introduced in early 2015, is off to a great start. In case you missed the news, the Instant Rebates provide rebate-discounted prices for our business customers that purchase qualifying LEDs. But hey, the progr...

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