Our Energy, Our Kids, Our Future

Looking to the future is a familiar place for us. Energy is essential to our lives, and ensuring safe, reliable and increasingly clean energy both now and in the future is a key...

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A Lineman’s Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature, Your super storms have caused super headaches over the past two Junes in Minnesota—16-hour days climbing 35-foot poles and lifting and installing heavy equipm...

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Five Energy Hogs You Can Humble

Energy hogs are all around your home. They lurk in kitchens, hide in attics and basements, even root around home offices. They’re wasting energy and costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Here are the top five biggest energy wasters in most home...

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Wind with Benefits

Xcel Energy has always been proud to be known as the national leader in wind energy, and now we have even more wind energy news to boast about.  RES Americas Inc. is building a new 166-megawatt wind farm named “Pleasant Valley” near Austin, Minnesota...

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4 Things Homer Simpson Never Told You About Nuclear Power, But You Really Should Know.

One of America’s leading animated characters has made a lot of people laugh by making light of the inner workings of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. For good reason, he’s a 2D, doughnut munching character with eight fingers. Outside the animated...

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Having it your way has come a long way

At the start of America’s automotive revolution, Henry Ford was credited with saying, “A customer can have a car painted any color he wants, so long as it is black.” That was 1908 and his Model T’s were just starting to roll off the assem...

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