Fright Night Lights

I don’t know about your neighborhood, but in mine, Halloween is a huge holiday. My neighbors go all out putting together spooky spectacles in their yards. And we have thousands o...

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Wasted Food and Wasted Energy

Earlier this year, my wife and I returned home from a weeklong vacation only to be greeted by a pungent scent wafting through our kitchen. Upon further investigation, we realized...

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This is a Test of The New Social Media Warning System

This is only a test. Xcel Energy is introducing a new set of graphic alerts to convey vital information via our social media channels. As Xcel Energy social media strategist Ryan...

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Five Energy Hogs You Can Humble

Energy hogs are all around your home. They lurk in kitchens, hide in attics and basements, even root around home offices. They’re wasting energy and costing you hundreds of dollars every year. Here are the top five biggest energy wasters in most home...

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Wind with Benefits

Xcel Energy has always been proud to be known as the national leader in wind energy, and now we have even more wind energy news to boast about.  RES Americas Inc. is building a new 166-megawatt wind farm named “Pleasant Valley” near Austin, Minnesota...

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4 Things Homer Simpson Never Told You About Nuclear Power, But You Really Should Know.

One of America’s leading animated characters has made a lot of people laugh by making light of the inner workings of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. For good reason, he’s a 2D, doughnut munching character with eight fingers. Outside the animated...

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5 Business Lighting Myths – Totally Busted

As our glorious daylight grows shorter and shorter, now is the time to talk about lighting. It’s more important for the well-being of your business than you realize!  So let’s overcome some of the myths you may be encountering. Myth #1: Lighting is n...

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