Energy Planning Starts Locally: Partners in Energy Answers Wants & Needs of Communities.

Next application deadline is March 18 You may be aware of the popular adage, Think Globally, Act Locally. And while this is a nice thought it can be challenging to carry out. Yet...

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A 2,920-Day Winning Streak: Celebrating Improved Employee Safety Performance at Xcel Energy

It’s a given. We all want to be safe at work, at home and traveling. But even with the latest in safety technology now available, it’s easier said than done. Now consider there a...

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How small businesses can avoid utility scams

It’s a utility scam that could happen to any small business owner or employee: someone claiming to be with Xcel Energy calls and threatens to disconnect service unless you pay an...

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Four Clues Your Furnace May Be Giving Up On You

You may not think about it very often, the average forced air furnace may last 18 to 20 years. Time slips away quickly with appliances that operate behind the scenes of everyday life.  And often repairs on an older furnace may have a domino effect—yo...

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More than a decade of counting (and reducing) greenhouse gas emissions

When Xcel Energy committed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions more than a decade ago, we knew it wouldn’t be easy for a number of reasons. For starters, reducing emissions requires that you measure and establish a baseline before you can set a goal...

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Before You Use a Backup Power Generator

Make sure a transfer switch is correctly in place! While backup power generators are often associated with providing emergency power to facilities like hospitals, police and fire stations and even computer data centers, a new trend towards residentia...

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Pitch Energy Efficiency to Leadership — and Win!

In any business, there can be stiff competition for getting a project funded. If you make a recommendation to purchase highly efficient equipment or to complete an energy-efficient retrofit, your leaders might be weighing that against the cost of bet...

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