Military Know-How Provides High-Tech Solution on the Home Front

High Tech Problem-Solving in New Mexico Remember when you had to walk across the room to adjust the rabbit ear antenna to get a better TV signal? Now, imagine trying to hold a 12...

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Discover How Xcel Energy is Helping Fill the STEM Gap

Smart phone apps, artificial human organs, drones, more predictive weather forecasts and new energy sources and transmission technology for the coming century are just a few of t...

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Xcel Energy, A Great Place for Our Military Veterans

Xcel Energy has a strong track record for recruiting and hiring veterans. Our ongoing goal is that 10 percent of our new hires are veterans. To achieve this, we put significant e...

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Lights and Food Set the Mood

Another Valentine’s Day is in the history books, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon the thought of romance. In fact, there are easy, low-cost ways to show your sweetie (or sweeties, if you have kids) that you care—and save energy, while you’re...

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Considering Your Clean Energy Choices

We are used to having choices, just walk down the cereal aisle at the grocery store. There are dozens of options, beginning with the sugary, colorful varieties and ending with the less-enticing fibrous stuff…cereal for all tastes and preferences. Whe...

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For Natural Gas Safety, Our Journey is The Destination

As the famous book title and popular notion goes, The Journey is the Destination – meaning the pursuit is the most worthy state of being. With over over 33,000 miles of natural gas distribution lines serving 1.8 million residential and business...

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Retrofit Uses Cutting Edge Energy Efficiencies

McDonalds, Red Robin and Wendy’s require millions of hamburger buns each month to satisfy their customers. And for years Mile Hi Bakery in Denver, Colorado has been answering this demand with their high-speed capability. But when this regional bakery...

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