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Meet One of Our Top Trade Partners: Trane

A leader in energy-efficient HVAC, building controls and automation

By: | June 1, 2016 4:19 pm

Trane is one of those highly respected, long-standing companies with energy efficiency in its DNA. They started doing business 103 years ago in La Crosse, Wisconsin, as the manufacturer of an innovative heating system. Within a couple of decades, they had patented a new air conditioning system. From there they quickly progressed to efficient, large-building HVAC systems and have evolved rapidly through the decades to become an industry leader in HVAC system solutions, service, building automation and controls, and energy services.

It’s no surprise that they have taken home Xcel Energy’s Efficiency Partner Award every year; it’s an honor given to our top achievers of commercial energy savings. Since 2007, Trane has completed more than 280 Xcel Energy-rebated efficiency projects, earning their customers over $3.12 million in cooling, heating, controls, custom, lighting, recommissioning, and motors and drives rebates. These projects have saved customers about 27.2 million kWh.

Trane offers their commercial customers a full range of services that extends far beyond manufacturing an outstanding line of HVAC equipment. They are experts in planning and consultation, as well as installation and maintenance. They have the capability to perform remote diagnostics on their equipment, which allows system issues to be identified and resolved with maximum speed.  And they do so much more than HVAC; many of their integrated efficiency projects include lighting, automation and other systems.

What makes Trane unique is their holistic approach to energy efficiency. “We start by looking at what the building’s purpose is, and we work with our customers to make their building more efficient for that purpose,” says Jeff Seewald, Senior Energy Engineer and Project Developer at Trane. With Trane’s extensive knowledge base in both building systems and energy services, they are perfectly positioned to identify, plan and implement solutions that can significantly improve all-around building efficiency.

“Another way to say this is that we focus on our customers’ business drivers, and we look for solutions that positively impact those drivers,” adds Jay Behnken, Systems Sales Leader at Trane. One of Trane’s recent efficiency upgrade projects involved retrofitting a large Minnesota shopping mall where they focused on efforts that had the capacity to most improve the retail experience and retail tenant satisfaction. The result was improved efficiency where it counted most.

Xcel Energy rebates are an important ingredient in the work that Trane does for its customers. Because Trane prioritizes energy efficiency, they are well versed in the cash incentives that customers can earn from us when they install efficient equipment. Trane professionals even go so far as to handle the rebate application and submission processes for their customers. “For many of our customers, rebates are a real motivator for their projects,” says Jay Behnken. “These cash incentives can make a project more feasible; they improve the ultimate ROI on a project and contribute to better payback terms. For our customers, having Xcel Energy rebates available helps to clear the path toward adopting energy-efficient technology.”

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