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 Hot Summer Energy Savings:  5 Reasons to Leverage Saver’s  Switch® for Your Business

A free energy savings program for businesses

By: | March 29, 2016 4:18 pm

During extremely hot summer days when peak power demand is highest, Saver’s Switch helps ease the stress on the electric system. By allowing us to cycle your cooling system, we can reduce the need and expense for short-term peak electricity generation.

Bottom line: The program is free for your business, saves you on electricity use and even pays off with bill credit incentives.

How does it work?  Saver’s Switch cycles your central air conditioning unit(s) for 15 to 20 minute time frames during peak demand times, mostly late afternoons in June, July and August. These peak demand activation times happen roughly 5 to 15 days a year and normally last for 3-6 hours. Since your system fans keep circulating previously cooled air within your building, you may not even notice that the Saver’s Switch is cycling.

Your incentive.  Your business receives a monthly discount credit of $5 per ton of enrolled air conditioning on your energy bills from June through September. The more cooling systems you enroll, the more you receive.

Here are five other great reasons to participate in Saver’s Switch:

  1. It helps your bottom line. Simply put, Saver’s Switch saves on energy use.
  2. It helps your community. By reducing the amount of electricity needed during peak demand times, your community shares in a safer and more balanced approach to energy distribution.
  3. It has reduced the number of power plants built. Efficiency and demand response programs like Saver’s Switch mitigate the need for constructing new power plants.
  4. It boosts morale. Employees like to know your business is doing something about energy issues. More studies show that employees want to work for environmentally responsible companies and organizations.
  5. It’s good news. Using Saver’s Switch can help position you as an energy-intelligent business in the eyes of your customers, community and neighbors.

For Xcel Energy electricity customers, the Saver’s Switch installation is available and free and the savings continue as long as you’re a Saver’s Switch participant. To learn more, watch our videos at or contact us to enroll today at 1-800-481-4700.


A self-professed energy nerd, Paul loves to explore how technology trends are bringing convenience and surprising benefits to our lives.

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